Sunday, 20 May 2018

"Suburban Cinema" - ALBUM TRAILER #1

Hey ! Here are a few sneak peaks at some finished songs from the 4th album, titled "Suburban Cinema", which should be out around August. Half of the album is completely finished and mastered, while the other half is still being mixed. For this record i have decided to go back to where i started - recording and tracking all of the instruments myself. With there being a break from playing live it just seemed the best way to get another album happening. It's been a challenge but has helped me re-connect with why i started making music in the first place. Am looking forward to releasing a couple of songs in the coming weeks and eventually sharing the album in August. All of the music was recorded at home, but i wouldn't call it particularly lo-fi. The first tracks, some of which you can hear in the trailer below, seem to hark back to the feel of my first album - though that wasn't really a conscious decision. Anyway, have a listen ! Cheers, Brendan.

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