Monday, 21 January 2013

2nd clip for Pictures of Summer ...

Wow - our resident clip-maker HW Wheelie has really excelled himself this time. Sourcing some of the best 70's BMX footage he could lay his hands on this clip pays homage to the elite sportsmen who devoted their lives to the noble sport of BMX. They took risks - rode bikes on the roof .. jumped into water ... and wore lots of spandex. Sit back and enjoy !

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

State of the Union ...

Hey !

We're still working on our album - Backwards Down The Highway - and hope to have it finished and pressed up real soon... it sure has been a long journey ! We're deep into side 2 now, working out how to best render the remaining tracks which appear to be a bit sparser and less "pop" than the singles we released last year. What started out as a fairly nice highway with 8 lanes is turning into a winding back road with very few street lights ...

Here's a link to an interview from last year :

And a big thanks to these pages for mentioning our video :

So - hang in there folks - the end of the road (on this album!) is nigh .. can't wait to release this record and have it all out there. Still pondering pressing up an LP ... the album is begging for it really ... 10 tracks, 5 each side ... a big open road vibe that would suit some super-size vinyl LP artwork ... we shall see.