Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Recording dates locked in ...

Hey there - thanks to all those who came out to our show at The Lansdowne in Sydney on the weekend. It felt great to play 4 new tracks and freshen up the set ! Hope you enjoyed the "Fire" trilogy too ... for those wondering what the hell i'm talking about - well - you'll have to wait til the next show!

The main news is that recording has been locked in to kickstart album #3. We'll be recording in the last week of March and hope to get side A of the album down - and hopefully a single will emerge out of that pretty quickly... you might ask why i say "side A" - the answer is that i'm thinking in terms of a flashy TMS vinyl record at the end of this caper. We've never done an LP before - and since we'll be recording to tape this time it seems the logical next step. And who doesn't love some big glossy artwork splashed around the place ?

The songs are pretty much written ... lots of road songs ... it seems there's at least a street, road or highway in every song ! I'm looking back through journals and photos i took on my roadtrip in late 2010 - as well as working on demo's i recorded there ... and some of these demo's were recorded in amazing places.
Speaking of which - first person to email or contact us with the answer to this question :

Where was this demo recorded (see picture) - gets a TMS cd of their choice (1st,2nd or even 3rd if you can wait !) :

So - let me know either via facebook - or an email to themodelschool[at]yahoo.com.au - and a TMS album of your choice is yours.