Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Some reviews for Backwards Down The Highway

Thought we'd share some recent reviews for our album - here's a few :

 "Breezy guitars, violins and rumbling countrified rock puts the air in your hair and your elbow out the window. 8/10"

"The Streets I Left Behind’ is a soulful and nostalgic triumph .... Reminiscent of Springsteen at his heart tugging best, minus the sax...This is guitar pop in its purest and finest form, and just one track off an excellent album." http://aussieplaylist.com/?p=3809

 "This album can only receive praise and good graces."

 Lastly - here's our new instagram account which at this point serves as a visual companion to the album, featuring lots of pics from the 2010 roadtrip that served as the influence for the songs on the record.

See you at a show soon - gigs in Melbourne,Canberra and Sydney to be announced next week !
cheers Brendan