Tuesday, 17 December 2013

New video for Backwards Down The Highway

Here's a new clip from in house director HW Wheelie - it combines scenes from Wim Wenders classic road movie Paris,Texas with the title track off our album.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Upcoming Shows

Hey - in case you haven't heard, we are appearing in these locations :

Saturday Nov 23 Melbourne - The Public Bar
Saturday Nov 30 Canberra - The Phoenix
Saturday Dec 7 Sydney - FBI Social

Most likely our last shows for the year, so if you are in these places then please come out to see us !
Here's some kind words from 4ZZZ in Brisbane & 2SER in Sydney for our album :

"The Model School: Backwards Down The Highway (Packaged Light)
- A new full-length of dusty but heart-warming country rock from the Sydney band. Sort of like Wilco if they hadn’t changed. There’s something right and upstanding about staying the same, The Model School know it, and they’re doing it. (Chris Cobcroft,4ZZZ)"

"Blue Mountains resident Brendan Wixted must make quite a few journeys by car from way out west. His other vehicle - for his songwriting - has always been ripe with low-key melodic pop craft that slowly win you over with repeat listening. As The Model School, Wixted is back with his most freewheeling work yet, with a set full of classic, ringing guitars part cosmic part country that'll do great for any evocative, sweet and rockin' road trip. (Andrew Khedoori,2SER)"

And have a read of our "Citizenship Test" on Mess & Noise over here :

Citizenship:The Model School

The Model School

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Some reviews for Backwards Down The Highway

Thought we'd share some recent reviews for our album - here's a few :

 "Breezy guitars, violins and rumbling countrified rock puts the air in your hair and your elbow out the window. 8/10"

"The Streets I Left Behind’ is a soulful and nostalgic triumph .... Reminiscent of Springsteen at his heart tugging best, minus the sax...This is guitar pop in its purest and finest form, and just one track off an excellent album." http://aussieplaylist.com/?p=3809

 "This album can only receive praise and good graces."

 Lastly - here's our new instagram account which at this point serves as a visual companion to the album, featuring lots of pics from the 2010 roadtrip that served as the influence for the songs on the record.

See you at a show soon - gigs in Melbourne,Canberra and Sydney to be announced next week !
cheers Brendan

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Coming up - LIVE : SEP 28 with Davey Lane & OCT 12 ALBUM LAUNCH !

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Album released !

Hey there!

As you may have heard - our album "Backwards Down The Highway" has now been released - its available at iTunes as well as our very own bandcamp page, and a myriad of other places. To the right of this post you can hear the album via the bandcamp player.

Some other features we've added are twitter and facebook widgets so you can click straight through to see what we are up to there. The good times continue with direct links to our last 4 videos ... everything TMS related is now all here in one handy place !

We'll be posting a lot more here in the coming weeks leading up to our album launch on Oct 12 at Oxford Art Factory.
Til then !

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Backwards Down The Highway - September 20

Here's our record cover !

We're playing some shows in the weeks ahead :

Sep 6 - The Basement (charity event)
Sep 28 - Spectrum (supporting Davey Lane)
Oct 12 - Oxford Art Factory (Gallery Bar) - ALBUM LAUNCH !

Also - here's a fuzzy screen grab from our new clip which will be out this week :

See you soon !!!

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Tracks now streaming on Earbits Radio

Hey, Just a heads up to let you know you can listen to us on Earbits Free Online Radio :

Earbits Free Online Radio

We're streaming 3 songs from our album which is due out on Sep 20, 2013 !!
Brendan/The Model School

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

New album - "Backwards Down The Highway" - set for September release !

Thats right - we've finally got a tentative release month locked in, just finalising the actual date. Album launch will be Oct 12 at Oxford Art Factory. We've also got a coupla gigs coming up : Friday Aug 9 (Oxford Art Factory) Sunday Aug 11 (Union Hotel Newtown) Be there!!!

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Last day of recording ...

So - we've completed our last day or recording our album at Linear studio's in Sydney tracking the last 2 songs for our record. As usual it was a great experience being in the studio recording these songs we've laboured over for quite a while now. Our engineer Wade Keighran kept the ship on course as usual - though there were some choppy waters to be encountered ... not sure why i'm using watery metaphors - as this album is definitely all about the road ... the highways and the low roads and everything in between. Wade has recorded, mixed and produced some fine acts over the years and has just finished work on Wolf & Cub's album too (where he also plays bass amongst other things)... he's a music lover and always gets the best out of us when we're working with him, so thanks a million Wade!

The record is almost finished (!) - some home overdubs to wrap up and then it's off to mixing with Linear studio boss Chris Vallejo, who is casting his expert ears over the mixes and has done a great job so far on the singles we've released. The whole deal has taken a little longer than expected but its because we really want the album to work from start to finish - so some tunes have fallen by the way side over the past year ... i'm sure they'll surface as bonus tracks or something ...

We're still throwing around ideas for the release - and are seriously considering bypassing CD in favour of Vinyl (with download codes) and Digital. The record is 10 songs long, about 37 minutes and we really think the analog sounds and widescreen nature of the tracks will go great on an LP. Though, being that vinyl takes ages to press it could push the release back to Winter 2013 ... we'll see. Whatever happens there'll be a track or two out there in May - thats a guarantee !!

Thats all for now - here's the album trailer HW Wheelie (our resident filmaker & budding auteur) made last week ... check it out on Youtube:

cheers & hang in there !
Brendan/The Model School

Monday, 21 January 2013

2nd clip for Pictures of Summer ...

Wow - our resident clip-maker HW Wheelie has really excelled himself this time. Sourcing some of the best 70's BMX footage he could lay his hands on this clip pays homage to the elite sportsmen who devoted their lives to the noble sport of BMX. They took risks - rode bikes on the roof .. jumped into water ... and wore lots of spandex. Sit back and enjoy !


Wednesday, 9 January 2013

State of the Union ...

Hey !

We're still working on our album - Backwards Down The Highway - and hope to have it finished and pressed up real soon... it sure has been a long journey ! We're deep into side 2 now, working out how to best render the remaining tracks which appear to be a bit sparser and less "pop" than the singles we released last year. What started out as a fairly nice highway with 8 lanes is turning into a winding back road with very few street lights ...

Here's a link to an interview from last year :


And a big thanks to these pages for mentioning our video :



So - hang in there folks - the end of the road (on this album!) is nigh .. can't wait to release this record and have it all out there. Still pondering pressing up an LP ... the album is begging for it really ... 10 tracks, 5 each side ... a big open road vibe that would suit some super-size vinyl LP artwork ... we shall see.